Alabama USDA Loan Income Limits and Alabama USDA Loan Map

Alabama USDA Loan offers affordable mortgage financing for moderate income households purchasing a house in a designated Alabama USDA Loan eligible rural area as determined by the Rural Housing Service (RHS). Alabama USDA Loan Map and Alabama USDA Income Limit guidelines for the Alabama USDA Loan program require that the:
Alabama USDA Income Limits households with a moderate income not to exceed Alabama USDA Loan county limits based on a household size of one to four or five and more family members.
Alabama USDA Loan Map will determine if the house is located in a Alabama USDA Loan approved area. Homebuyers should not assume that the term "rural" means the Alabama USDA Loan program is only available in farming communities. Many areas approved by the RHS for the Alabama USDA Loan Program are residential areas, near major cities, with a complete absence of any local farms.
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Make too much to qualify for the Alabama USDA Loan? You still may qualify for the California USDA Loan Program based on certain deductions allowed by USDA Rural Development using the
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By purchasing a home located in a Alabama USDA Loan area, qualified homebuyers have the ability to buy a house with:

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Alabama USDA Rural Development County Specific Income and Location Guidelines

CountyMax Household IncomeLocation Restrictions
1 - 4 5 + People
Autauga$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Baldwin$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Barbour$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Bibb$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Blount$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Bullock$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Butler$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Calhoun$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Chambers$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Cherokee$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Chilton$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Choctaw$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Clarke$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Clay$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Cleburne$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Coffee$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Colbert$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Conecuh$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Coosa$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Covington$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Crenshaw$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Cullman$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Dale$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Dallas$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
De Kalb$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Elmore$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Escambia$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Etowah$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Fayette$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Franklin$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Geneva$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Greene$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Hale$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Henry$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Houston$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Jackson$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Jefferson$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Lamar$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Lauderdale$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Lawrence$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Lee$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Limestone$82,450$108,850Partially Eligible
Lowndes$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Macon$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Madison$82,450$108,850Partially Eligible
Marengo$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Marion$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Marshall$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Mobile$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Monroe$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Montgomery$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Morgan$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Perry$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Pickens$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Pike$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Randolph$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Russell$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Shelby$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
St. Clair$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Sumter$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Talladega$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Tallapoosa$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Tuscaloosa$74,750$98,650Partially Eligible
Walker$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Washington$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Wilcox$74,750$98,650100% Eligible
Winston$74,750$98,650100% Eligible